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Hiring a Salesperson to Represent Your Company?

Too often we, as bosses, hire salespeople to do the job we fear doing most. Selling. We fear the inherent liabilities associated with selling: rejection, disappointment and disrespect. None of which, by the way, are features of selling when executed properly. No other businesspersons are more unwelcome and avoided in our society than salespeople. And yet we persist in training our salespeople to conduct themselves as the bounty hunters buyers so fervently avoid. Avoidance wastes time, increases per-sale costs, decrease per-sale profits and renders those who sell in this fashion less competitive.

The good news is, you/we can transform these liabilities into competitive assets by realizing why salespeople are hired in the first place:

– to increase your company’s market share by delivering selling as an advisory,

diagnostic, problem-solving customer service

– to objectively and impartially help buyers make the most informed and timely

buying decisions on behalf of their families or companies

– to introduce and sustain your company’s brand and reputation

– to represent your good name and reputation

– to represent the reputation of your staff

– to retain the customers your company already has

– to be your eyes and ears out in the marketplace

– to speak on behalf of your company

– to calm, appease the occasional upset customer and reconcile differences

– to gather market intelligence … by conducting daily marketing research

– to play an integral role in developing your company’s marketing strategy

– to become a loyal, experienced mentor to your novice salespeople

– to articulate your products and services in the context of buyer-need

– to objectively and impartially interview, diagnose and qualify ‘need’

– to speak graciously, intelligently, respectfully and admiringly about your

company to their family and friends and peers

– to attract new, qualified selling talent to your company

– to sell in ways that earn respect and admiration not only for your company,

but for the profession of selling

– to work independently under minimal supervision

– to be the selling professional, who understands that you are his/her biggest


– to keep your doors open, lights on, meet parole and keep your staff employed

– to help you keep your job as the boss

– to put customer needs ahead of personal gain

Selling need not be the transient, commissionable vocation of last resort that often forces salespeople to become barely tolerated or avoided, instead of the welcomed advisors they should be. Selling is an invaluable, salaried profession that demands education, empathy, objectivity and impartiality of the highest order. Selling can become the complementary service every company delivers and every buyer welcomes and respects.

Are you planning to hire a salesperson to represent your company? Choose wisely and respectfully and you will attract and retain professional salespeople dedicated to keeping your customers satisfied, increasing your company’s market-share and contributing to the mutual and sustained prosperity of North America.


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