The phrase ‘overcoming objections’ out-clichés most other jargon in the misunderstood profession of selling.

‘Objections’ are, supposedly, the roadblocks … the counterpoints that prospects use as protection during their struggle not to become customers. In vampire lore garlic, holy water and the crucifix are equivalent to sales objections. Traditional salespeople have, down through history and to this very day, been cast as hunters and their prospects the wary prey. To traditional salespeople, objections are the battleground upon which the only choices are victory or defeat.

In truth, objections are not nearly that dramatic. Objections are simply a disguise for ‘no’.

Objection Scenario. The prospect possesses all the logical facts she needs to make a buy/don’t buy decision and she has made her decision. Her objection (‘Your price is too high. Your delivery is too long. There’s nothing I like about your color options.’) is her diplomatic way of saying ‘no’. She may not have the money or the authority to buy and she would rather not admit it, or she is just not ready to buy. Whatever her reason/s, she has decided she wants the selling to stop. We love saying ‘yes’ to salespeople when all the stars align. But, we hate saying ‘no’. It is so uncomfortable for everyone. So, if we cannot say ‘yes’ then an objection or a postponement is the next best thing. She’d much rather object or pretend to be interested and postpone her confession than say ”No.”

The mistake we as salespeople have made for too long is believing that objections are things to be overcome, when in fact they are indicators that the prospect is not qualified to buy … right now. Graciously shutting the sale down saves time, money, relationships and allows the prospect to save face. Treating objections as the disguised ‘nos’ they really are rather than as challenges to be put down would go a long way to rebranding salespeople as allies instead of predators going in for the kill.

As an understanding ally, you will be welcomed back another day.