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Employable Talent Hidden In Plain Sight

An entry in a blog belonging to the Economic History Association titled ‘Economic History of Retirement in the United States’, presents a stark reminder that retirement has been an artificial concept that was not always an accepted notion. It reveals that the participation of older men in the labour force declined from a high of [...]

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Are You a First-Responder or JUST a Salesperson?

Examine your motivations. Why would you accept a job offer from a company seeking to hire a salesperson? Is it salary, commission, benefits, travel, prestige, perks, the adrenaline-rush of closing a sale, is it about satisfying your innate ‘hunter’ instinct, the challenge of meeting and exceeding quotas, or is it a sense of duty and loyalty [...]

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Acutely Emblematic of why Retirement is Losing Currency in North America

As a Canadian I am neither for or against Jerry Brown, but this article is emblematic of why retirement is losing its currency in North America, in my opinion. At 72 most men and women are at the top of their intellectual game. Pasture is hardly the place for them.    72 the new 52 ??? [...]

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Be Wary Of The ‘commission-only’ Employer

Companies with proven products or services, with established territories consisting of satisfied customers often remunerate their salespeople on a commission-only basis. These companies value their sales staff and know that commissions from repeat sales will adequately reward them as they prospect for new clients and increased sales from existing clients. Make no mistake, the candidates chosen for [...]

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The Road Back to HALIFAX

Born in Scotland in about 1345 A.D. Henry Sinclair became Earl of Rosslyn and the surrounding lands as well as Prince of Orkney, Duke of Oldenburg (Denmark), and Premier Earl of Norway. In 1398 he led an expedition to explore Nova Scotia and Massachusetts. This was 90 years before Columbus ‘discovered America’! Prince Henry Sinclair [...]

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Overcome Objections & Vampires

The phrase ‘overcoming objections’ out-clichés most other jargon in the misunderstood profession of selling. ‘Objections’ are, supposedly, the roadblocks … the counterpoints that prospects use as protection during their struggle not to become customers. In vampire lore garlic, holy water and the crucifix are equivalent to sales objections. Traditional salespeople have, down through history and to this very day, been cast as hunters and [...]

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REBRANDING the Salesman

The brand of the traditional salesperson has, is, and continues to be an outright disappointment. Currently, North America views salespeople (male or female) as: intrusive, persistent, biased, manipulative, not entirely truthful, invasive, unintellectual, self-centred, aggressive and potentially unscrupulous. Most salespeople do not deserve these labels, they do not deserve their bad press. Wait, allow me to correct that. [...]

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Saleman vs Ally/Trusted Advisor

Bob, a 50+ salesperson at a Nissan dealership assured me several times within the span of our 2-hour negotiation for a Nissan Versa, that he’d get paid whether I bought a car or not. I guess  he wanted me to know that ‘commission’ was not his motivation for closing a sale. As often happens in [...]

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You’re FIRED!

If the salesperson I’ve hired is not generating sales, not meeting quota, not living up to my projections the fault is mine. I didn’t do my homework and as a result hired someone unqualified for the job. I refused so see that my products or services were no longer competitive. I believed salepeople should either sink or [...]

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The Reason Why New Years Resolutions, Motivational Speeches, Self-Help Blogs & Books Rarely Work

How often have you left an auditorium after listening to a charismatic motivational speaker feeling pumped, inspired and ready to turn your life around? How often have you read a powerful marketing idea on a blog or vowed to adopt one of the seven habits of highly effective people? How often have you made a New Years resolution and [...]

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