Let us help you:

  • Become a professional adviser, not a sales rep
  • Eliminate the cold calls that cause rejection and wasted time
  • Shorten your sell-cycles
  • Know in the first meeting with a prospect whether you have a sale
  • Partner with prospects and customers in ways they really appreciate
  • Close a sale in ways your prospects will love, respect and admire
  • Make it impossible for competitors to take your customers away
  • Keep your staff invested in your company
  • Ensure your salespeople remain prosperous
  • Create a selling support system that keeps salespeople motivated and happy
  • Maintain and benefit from an entrepreneurial spirit
  • The people best suited to principled selling
  • Those looking for a long term career selling for your company, who can adopt and emulate your brand
  • People intent on making serious money for themselves and your company

Peter Skakum: Selling Educator

  • Marketing graduate/Red River College
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Selling Teacher and Coach
  • Keynote Speaker

Marketing Strategist and co-founder of Tangent Strategies Inc. Peter Skakum leverages 29 years of selling success in both U.S. and Canadian markets as a selling instructor and coach … in his lectures, seminars, workshops and keynote addresses. If your company needs to increase revenue … if it needs to improve the quantity and quality of its sales  … if your company truly wishes to improve not only its professional fortunes but the professional fortunes of its customers, contact Tangent Strategies Inc. to learn more.