Governing Principles of Tangent Strategies

1. Tangent promotes and upholds the ISRA philosophical logic of selling, which recommends that sales professionals and their employers approach the marketplace, their prospects and their customers as first-responders and from a position of alliance and compassion.

2. Tangent’s selling principles ask:

> Is it the TRUTH?

> Is it FAIR to all concerned?


> Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

3. Tangent furnishes sales professionals and their employers with the tools they need to successfully sell their products, services, ideas and experiences to their target markets.

4. Tangent provides sales professionals and their employers with a forum to test, evaluate, discuss, improve and promote the profession of selling.

Peter Skakum

  • Marketing graduate/Red River College
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Selling Teacher and Coach
  • Keynote Speaker

Marketing Strategist and co-founder of Tangent Strategies Inc. Peter Skakum leverages 29 years of selling success in both U.S. and Canadian markets as a selling instructor and coach … in his lectures, seminars, workshops and keynote addresses. If your company needs to increase revenue … if it needs to improve the quantity and quality of its sales ¬†… if your company truly wishes to improve not only its professional fortunes but the professional fortunes of its customers, contact Tangent Strategies Inc. to learn more.