bigstock_Plan_of_a_football_game_14340857How often have you left an auditorium after listening to a charismatic motivational speaker feeling pumped, inspired and ready to turn your life around? How often have you read a powerful marketing idea on a blog or vowed to adopt one of the seven habits of highly effective people? How often have you made a New Years resolution and felt excited about the promise of a new beginning? How often have motivational speeches, marketing ideas and New Years resolutions produced their promised results? According to Craig Wyllie 78% of all New Years resolutions fail. Business ideas, like their New Years resolution cousins, rarely even get off the ground to give success or failure a fair chance. What’s missing?

(Craig Wyllie is a certified Personal Trainer registered through Fitness Australia. Craig has completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science and is a member of the Australian Association of Exercise and Sports Science. Article Credit: )

New Years resolutions like marketing strategies, motivational speeches and self-help blogs and books rarely work because they fail to deliver one pivotal component … a dedicated coach … someone  to call practices, launch the plan, keep the team motivated and make sure the plan turns into on-field action. That is why Tangent Strategies backs up all of its selling strategies and online tips and recommendations with mentorship and coaching. Tangent Strategies knows that the vast majority of humans are drawn back to the easy, the familiar, the safe. Tangent also believes that the vast majority of salespeople and their employers truly want to succeed, turn over a new leaf, evolve, make more money. We show them how and then we stick with them to make sure it actually happens.