hiringIf the salesperson I’ve hired is not generating sales, not meeting quota, not living up to my projections the fault is mine.

  1. I didn’t do my homework and as a result hired someone unqualified for the job.
  2. I refused so see that my products or services were no longer competitive.
  3. I believed salepeople should either sink or swim. If they can’t convince my target audience that they need what my company is selling they’re inept.
  4. I believed that hiring salespeople absolved me from investing in any other forms of marketing to support them.
  5. I had absolutely no respect for salespeople and fired their sorry souls the moment they disappointed me because, afterall, they’re just salespeople.
  6. I had no idea what an impact my hiring and firing methods had on a salesperson’s self respect, his family, or her professional reputation.
  7. I was misguided by my belief that salespeople need to be paid on commission otherwise they wouldn’t perform.
  8. I did not realize that had I paid my salespeople a competitive salary, I would have been more discerning in my hiring choices … my salespeople would have felt secure and remained loyal to my company … my salespeople would not have deserted my company and their customers … and I would have realized that well-chosen, salaried salespeople outperform those on commission.