No one is harder on salespeople than salespeople themselves.

It’s a difficult job and yet each day members of the world’s second oldest profession put themselves out there, braving the slings and arrows of a suspicious, cynical marketplace; providing humanity with product and service options and opportunities. Where would our economies be without salespeople?

March 2016 is officially the 5th annual International HUG a Salesperson Month.

International HUG a Salesperson Month ushers in a new era of evolved selling, globally … an era of mutual respect and admiration between buyer and seller that proudly replaces the outdated selfish salesman stereotypes with truly SELFLESS selling professionals.

Copy this logo. Request a j-peg or tiff file from Tangent Strategies and promote International HUG a Salesperson Month to your target audiences, to your local media. Include the logo in all your correspondence. Host networking events in its honour and make IHSM an annual event in your town, city and country every March.

To salespeople and employers of salespeople I leave you with this one caveat. The HUG should not be received lightly nor taken for granted. You are encouraged to live up to its intention every day of the year. The time for SELLING to evolve to a much higher standard has arrived.    HUG one HUG all. Long live the salesperson.