How to Manage Your Career in Unsettled Times

The speed by which COVID-19 has impacted businesses, economies, and jobs is unprecedented and no one really knows what the coming months will bring. Already, people in the several industries have lost their jobs and more are likely to come. Although there is a tendency to retreat in times like this, your best approach is [...]

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Tangent Strategies’ Letter to the Parliament of Canada

      March, 2020   Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Andrew Scheer/Leader of the Official Opposition Yves-Francois Blanchet/Leader of the Bloc Quebecois Jo-Ann Roberts/Leader of the Green Party   Dear Parliamentarians, PREAMBLE: Covid 19 is a virus that spreads primarily by way of human respiratory droplets jettisoned into the air as a result of: talking, [...]

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Neither Snow nor Rain nor Gloom of Night

(Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.)                                                                      [...]

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The SECRET to Increased Sales may Surprise You.

WHAT ... is the secret to increasing sales? As Tangent Strategies Inc. enters its 30th year of practicing and teaching the principled profession of selling, I've been asked variations of that question countless times. The question comes with the hope that there must be one simple, magical answer. And, in a way, there is. Here's [...]

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The Oldest, Most Lucrative Profession

Of all the professions: law, medicine, accounting, military, politics, engineering, teaching, entertainment or professional sports ... there is arguably none more rewarding financially, emotionally, intellectually, mentally and yes, even physically than the profession of selling. Selling is the oldest profession on earth and for good reason.                    [...]

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Hiring & Retaining the Best Salespeople

It's not an easy job being a BOSS. You are a business owner, CEO, president, director or a senior manager. You employ and lead several or several hundred employees. You arrive at work early and leave late. You are responsible for the safety of your employees; their working conditions, their salaries which by extension impact [...]

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The Best and the Worst ways to SELL

'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ...' In 1859 when Charles Dickens wrote these twelve immortal words to open his classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities, he could just as easily have been referring to SELLING. Why? Because selling can be best or the worst depending on how [...]

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Selling Strategies & Wealth for BOSSES

Chris Clarke, in her book True Family Wealth, had this to say about the creation of wealth. 'Manipulating to get what you want is not the same as inviting what you want. The first is control and take. The second is to invite and let go. To maximize your chance of attracting your desired outcome, [...]

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Re-branding the Profession of Selling

Nelson Mandela, the epitome of respect, admiration and gratitude.   Selling is our planet's oldest profession, and its most enigmatic. On one hand salespeople keep companies' doors open, lights on and they generate the revenue that creates more jobs and pays employees' salaries ... including the boss's salary. And yet, salespeople are still the most [...]

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Selling Strategies for BOSSES©

teaches evolved selling principles and disciplines to Business Owners, CEOs, Presidents, Directors and Senior Managers so that selling happens better, faster, easier and more profitably within their companies. Selling Strategies for BOSSES take a historic step forward by re-introducing selling as a mutually beneficial customer service. Selling that benefits both buyer and seller. Most North American companies [...]

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