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M to M Marketplace Offer

TANGENT STRATEGIES' CUSTOM SALES SEMINARS outperform most business growth seminars for one fundamental reason. Each full-day, Tangent-catered seminar is custom-designed to suit your company and your company alone ... its industry, target markets, your resources, challenges and growth goals. Standard Seminar Fee: $3000.00 + tax. M to M Offer: standard fee reduces by $125 + [...]

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The Evolution of Selling & Salespeople

Trusted salespeople have never been more valuable to our economies than now. In the midst of an ever mutating pandemic and inflation, salespeople have become key communicators within the supply chains of every industry. Like Ministers of Foreign Affairs or Secretaries of State, your salespeople are the conduit between your corporate culture and the buyers [...]

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The New Salespeople

Selling is one of the most essential business professions on Earth. Yet we hold the profession and the men and women who do the selling, in such low regard. That low regard increases per sale costs and lowers per sale profits. It makes companies less competitive. It limits corporate and economic growth. And it wastes [...]

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How to Recognize EVOLVED Selling Professionals

As the leader of your company, or a purchasing agent for your company, you are depended upon to make the best buying decisions. You know, as every talented buyer does, that buying decisions are never made in a vacuum. They demand careful research online and off, instinct borne from years of experience, decisive action and [...]

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How to Manage Your Career in Unsettled Times

The speed by which COVID-19 has impacted businesses, economies, and jobs is unprecedented and no one really knows what the coming months will bring. Already, people in the several industries have lost their jobs and more are likely to come. Although there is a tendency to retreat in times like this, your best approach is [...]

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Neither Snow nor Rain nor Gloom of Night

(Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.)                                                                      [...]

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The 4 Principles of Selling

Introducing the 4 Principles of Selling... What Tangent Strategies believes to be the lifeblood of every business.

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The SECRET to Increased Sales may Surprise You.

WHAT ... is the secret to increasing sales? As Tangent Strategies Inc. enters its 30th year of practicing and teaching the principled profession of selling, I've been asked variations of that question countless times. The question comes with the hope that there must be one simple, magical answer. And, in a way, there is. Here's [...]

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The Oldest, Most Lucrative Profession

Of all the professions: law, medicine, accounting, military, politics, engineering, teaching, entertainment or professional sports ... there is arguably none more rewarding financially, emotionally, intellectually, mentally and yes, even physically than the profession of selling. Selling is the oldest profession on earth and for good reason.                    [...]

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Hiring & Retaining the Best Salespeople

It's not an easy job being a BOSS. You are a business owner, CEO, president, director or a senior manager. You employ and lead several or several hundred employees. You arrive at work early and leave late. You are responsible for the safety of your employees; their working conditions, their salaries which by extension impact [...]

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