REBRANDING the Salesman

The brand of the traditional salesperson has, is, and continues to be an outright disappointment. Currently, North America views salespeople (male or female) as: intrusive, persistent, biased, manipulative, not entirely truthful, invasive, unintellectual, self-centred, aggressive and potentially unscrupulous. Most salespeople do not deserve these labels, they do not deserve their bad press. Wait, allow me to correct that. [...]

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Don’t Just Differentiate … Make a Difference

Marketing firms will tell their customers how important it is to differentiate themselves from their competitors, but to truly be seen by their target markets today, differentiation is not enough. They need to make a difference. This Christmas Kildonan Place, one of Winnipeg’s major shopping malls, made a difference. Like its competitors Kildonan Place featured [...]

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