The time has come for selling to evolve to a higher state of consciousness. The iconic salespeople of the future will be women. Women will take over the profession.

Jay Forte, a nationally ranked thought leader and president of Humanetrics had this to say about women in the workplace.  “The biological feminine attributes of communication, consensus building, nurturing, cooperative spirit and empathy naturally predisposes women to business. Customers need salespeople who can sell on these terms. Even bestselling author and management guru Tom Peters, a product of North America’s once male-dominated corporate culture, recently asserted, “Women are better salespeople than men.”

It is important to clarify that the point of this vignette is to neither elevate the female predisposition for selling nor denigrate males in this role, but to illuminate what the marketplace says it needs from today’s salespeople whether male or female. There has never been a more exciting, constructive and profitable time to become part of one of our planet’s most noble professions … selling.