As the name SKAKUM SCHOOL OF SELLING becomes widely known in the marketplace I am being asked with greater frequency my intention for starting the School. My answer:

“To create a learning centre of selling excellence … twenty-first century selling principles that recognize the most potent selling catalyst of all … the business executive … the men and the women who employ or manage professional sellers.”

“To teach the long awaited selling model that not only increases sales for the companies who adopt it, but does so in a way that earns a legacy of respect and admiration for the selling profession throughout North America.” 

The SKAKUM SCHOOL OF SELLING has introduced its revolutionary top-down approach to selling instruction and deportment because new selling principles are best adopted, supported and encouraged from the top down, yet business leaders rarely include themselves in sales training. Because it is so important that business executives learn these new principles first I have created an environment in which they will feel welcome, comfortable and inspired … a learning environment where they will be in the company of other business executives like themselves … exclusively a peer-centred environment.

SKAKUM SCHOOL OF SELLING teaches Business Owners, Presidents, CEO’s, Sales Managers, HR Professionals and even Post Secondary Educators. It introduces a revolutionary selling model called ISRA, which increases sales, reduces field costs and increases seller morale. ISRA replaces today’s traditional, outdated ‘hunter/prey’ selling model, which savv, time-starved buyers reject  … with selling model that appeals to Twenty-First Century buyers. I call the model ISRA  … (Increase Sales, Respect & Admiration).

SKAKUM SCHOOL OF SELLING welcomes self-employed business owners and managers of the most modest companies to the CEO’s, Presidents and Owners of Fortune 500 companies.

SKAKUM SCHOOL OF SELLING is … The Selling School, first and foremost, for business executives.

The Selling School for BOSSES.   JOIN US.   446-3995

Registration is $1500.00. Classes convene each Wednesday for 16 weeks from 7-9 AM or 7-9 PM … your choice.