The absence of stress in selling would be welcomed by buyer and seller. Today’s ‘sell-to-close’ selling model, introduced in North America in the 1960’s and widely used to this day, no longer serves our sophisticated, time-starved buyers and sellers as it once did. ‘Sell-to-close’ selling tends to waste time and money. Most notably neither salespeople nor the prospects they sell to have ever been entirely comfortable with the awkward process. A company using this model will often experience:

Frequent tunover of sales staff … a dislike or fear of prospecting … sluggish or diminishing sales … long sell-cycles … pursuing prospects for proposal decisions … high selling costs … chronic discomfort with selling in general … the fun having gone out of selling.

‘Qualification-to-close’ selling model, known as Selfless Selling, eliminates stress, saves time and money, and increases sales, respect and admiration between buyer and seller.