A CEO in upstate New York and a sole proprietor in downtown Nova Scotia …

Both share a need for better numbers … more robust bottom lines and each decides to hire one new ‘seller’. Both sellers have MBAs, ten years of selling experience, confidence squirting out of every pour, and their sell-skills and sell-numbers exceed both employers’ expectations. However both bosses while pleased, are blissfully ignorant of one fact. Both sellers’ numbers, as good as they are, could have easily doubled were it not for fear.

Virtually every salesperson fears selling. Many male sellers mask their fear with hubris, but masked or not, fear hobbles the most stellar performer. The Internet, populated with articles documenting selling fear, offers flawed remedies which consistantly miss the fundamental reason for this business handicap. Fear is caused by the self-serving INTENTION of traditional selling.

Few would argue that the reputed intention of our North American selling profession continues to be self-indulgence. Whether voluntary or enforced, sellers are reviled for their self-serving intention, which exists in stark contrast to the way most salespeople see themselves or wish to be seen. Worse yet, the most well-intention sellers are branded by the same unflattering, devisive reputation. The contrast between, and the misalignment of, a seller’s self-image and his/her public image generates fear … fear of intrusion and rejection on the seller’s part and fear of manipulation, confrontation and having to say “No” on the buyer’s part. None of these fears could take root were traditional self-serving  intentions replaced with selfless intention. Selfless intention places the needs and the welfare of prospects and customers first.  Sales close easier and faster.

The indoctrination of Selfless Selling would ignite seller self-respect in ways that would immediately mitigate fear. Removing the obstruction of fear would revolutionize selling by rebranding it as a strategic ally to business rather than a necessary evil. Sell-cycle time would plumet and sales would skyrocket.

The best news … you do not have to wait for the revolution. You and your company can be the revolution today by adopting Selfless Selling and realizing increased sales, respect & admiration