WE ALL REACH FOR IT. Regardless of age or gender. But what if your path to the ring is through selling?

You are a new small business owner, a postsecondary grad, a technical professional or a down-sized employee entering the financial services or real estate industries and suddenly you are thrust into the arena of selling. You may even be a seasoned salesperson driving home at the end of a long hard day and you say to yourself, “There has GOT to be a better way to sell!”  There is.

Take a long, deep breath … exhale slowly and calm yourself. To those who have never sold before, understand that principled selling does not require that you sell your soul to the Devil. To seasoned salespeople seeking a better way to sell … know that you can buy your soul back.

Tangent Strategies teaches a selling model that upholds and respects your principles, is easy to learn, enjoyable to engage in and helps you find and sell to friendly buyers who need what you sell. You can learn to ENJOY selling:

By putting Tangent Strategies squarely in your corner … $600.00 per month

  • Private, confidential, paced to suit your needs
  • Learn all the evolved selling disciplines through one-on-one tutoring
  • A powerful selling strategy will be created for you to deploy
  • Weekly strategy and debriefing meetings
  • Canadian principles
  • Set your objectives and goals and achieve them