It’s COLD out there in the world of selling.

I’m excited to be teaching HRM employers to come in from the cold and bring their salespeople with them. Come, be part of my NSCC business growth class each Wednesday evening and learn to:

  • sell the way potential customers respond most positively
  • find the right employers & remain loyal to them
  • find the right sales people & keep them motivated
  • reduce your selling costs & keep your clients loyal longer
  • shorten your sell-cycles & improve your bottom line
  • build your business & provide more jobs for HRM

My class is at the Leeds Street NSCC campus starting September 25th. Coffee will be on. Bring your questions, challenges & goals. Make 2017 a banner selling year for your company !!

Ask me about private sales strategy development and one-on-one sales mentorship. Come in from the cold. Questions? Call me 446-3995.