Look at their faces. Look at their body language. Do you think for one second they are thinking about their salaries, quotas and commissions?

In my selling classes I tell business people that as salespeople they too are FIRST-RESPONDERS … like the people who rush to an injured football player on the field … like the paramedics who calmly, reassuringly and professionally treat auto accident victims in the middle of a busy highway …  like firefighters and police officers, salespeople save lives in their own way.

Salespeople save the lives of the people in the businesses they work for. Without selling these businesses might have never gotten off the ground. Without selling, businesses would fail. Without salespeople rushing to the scene of a needy customer and performing their duties promptly, efficiently and with the customer’s best interests at heart jobs would be lost and lifestyles would crumble. Salespeople save lives.

FIRST-RESPONDERS are respected and admired for the jobs they do and the way they do their jobs. People can’t wait for FIRST-RESPONDERS to arrive … are so very welcomed when they do.

Learn to sell like a FIRST-RESPONDER. Your company will be stronger and so will the companies that belong to your customers.