FotoFlexer_Photo deskTHERE IS A MUCH BETTER WAY TO SELL … a way salespeople, their prospects and their customers can finally enjoy.

Canada’s selling standard has, for decades, mimicked the ME-FOCUSED style of selling, basically ‘selfish selling’. Is it any wonder North Americans dislike, avoid, and reject salespeople.

Tangent Strategies teaches ‘Selfless Selling’ … a stress-free, highly economical selling style your prospects and customers can respect and trust. Why? Because ‘Tangent-taught’ salespeople learn to be truly objective and impartial counselors instead of the starving, agendized, quota-driven species legendary for its ME-FIRST approach to business. When was the last time you saw the words ‘impartial, objective or selfless’ associated with selling? Remember where you heard it first.

SELFLESS SELLING sales close faster and at higher profits because Tangent-taught salespeople prioritize ‘your success’ before their own. YOUR success first. The way selling should have always been conducted. What if the world LOVED your salespeople?

A selling strategy consultant and instructor, Peter Skakum is a keynote speaker on the subject of evolved selling. He teaches and guides salespeople and their bosses to sell in ways that not only increases sales, but earn respect and admiration for salespeople and the companies who employ them. Imagine,’respect & admiration’ for salespeople !

SEMINAR CHOICES for your company, business group, association:

  • Fear of Selling No More
  • How to Locate, Hire and Keep the BEST salespeople
  • Relationships with Prospects until they become Customers
  • Fear of Cold Calls Eliminated
  • How to Locate the BEST Sales Employers
  • Higher Profit Selling … Reducing Per-Sale Costs
  • How to SELL in ways that Earn Respect & Admiration

Selfish selling works …. SELFLESS SELLING WORKS BETTER.

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