trust2I am looking down at a book cover sticker marking down the price of the book from $24.95 to $6.99. Does the retailer actually believe the book will sell faster at $6.99 than it would at $7.00?

The other day a sales manager employed by an international security company casually spoke of one of their sales trainers. He is regularly hired to teach their salespeople sales tactics. One tactic she described called ‘mirroring’ teaches salespeople to subtly adjust their body language to mirror the posture of the person they are selling to. This classic sales maneuver is used to enhance the buyer’s feelings of trust for the seller.

Traditional selling has for decades been characterized by its proud history of tactic deception.

Today’s savvy buyers prefer to do business with a new generation of seller. These salespeople are taught to triage and diagnose buyer needs, but MORE importantly, to impartially and objectively assess whether what they sell can effectively and affordably satisfy the buyer’s needs. Tactics replaced with objective and impartial advice and guidance earn new generation sellers the trust, respect and admiration that ultimately close far more sales in the long-term.