308863-162180-7As I read a chapter of Gregg Braden’s New York Times best-seller DEEP TRUTH each morning I can’t help but reflect on Ray Ivany’s dire warnings for Nova Scotia.

Braden contends that issues such as war, terrorism, disease, genocide, poverty, economic collapse, climate change and nuclear threats … are actually related. He further asserts that we have less than ten years to wrestle down each of these crises or life as we enjoy it will end. Ivany and Braden agree … we must act now.

And wouldn’t you know it … SELLING … is being called upon to advise and guide humans to make timely and informed choices if the day is to be saved. You will notice I did not say ‘convincing’ humans. I said ‘advise and guide’ them. Humans do not welcome convincers.

Every day you send a salesperson out into the field with the mandate to ‘convince’ is another day lost. If we are to change the world for the better, we must first change the way we sell.