bigstock_communication_12352268_1Do you return all your telephone calls promptly?

If you do, you are among a growing number of evolved C-suite executives, middle managers and salespeople, who return all their calls promptly, courteously and in many cases, personally.

What these businesspeople will tell you is that no one is too important or too busy to be civil. Do some CEO’s enlist help? Of course, they are called Executive Assistants … intelligent, well spoken, gracious men and women with the authority to speak for their bosses.

Why is telephone¬†civility important? It shows good breeding. It adds value to one’s corporate brand. It is an opportunity to learn and build bridges so critical in our hypercompetitive world. A promptly returned telephone call can make the difference between a contract won or lost … an ally won or an ally lost. Ignore anyone and we ignore them at our peril.

Do you return all your telephone calls promptly?