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We teach business owners to sell better so that they can easily retain staff and hire more. We teach you how to hire and keep the most talented salespeople. We teach you to attract and retain the best customers. We help you succeed.

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Selling … Like a Medical Practice, Carries Great Responsibility

Selling becomes incrementally easier and yields greater success each time you remind yourself that: Selling carries with it great responsibilities. [...]

Sales Growth with Dignity

  Dignity, sophistication, respect and admiration are hardly words one would associate with selling and yet every day of every [...]

Traditional Salesman or Evolved Selling Professional?

TRADITIONAL SELLING The phone rings. We answer it. It's a salesperson we don't know. We feel caught and now we [...]

Your Salespeople, Objective or Desperate?

Instead of being quota driven ... What if your salespeople balanced your company's 'best interests', with those of your prospective [...]


It indeed has been a pleasure working with you. I appreciate your time, leadership and contribution to the success of this year’s offering. There is still lots of work to do and I look forward to your involvement and guidance in advancing our objectives and supporting our continued learning.
Michael Wyse, CEO, Black Business Initiative
I love your style and I know that if anyone can change the face of selling it is you.
Bill Thompson BA, Crm, EFT-ADV, Energy Medicine Practitioner

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