REBRANDING the Salesman

The brand of the traditional salesperson has, is, and continues to be an outright disappointment. Currently, North America views salespeople (male or female) as: intrusive, persistent, biased, manipulative, not entirely truthful, invasive, unintellectual, self-centred, aggressive and potentially unscrupulous. Most salespeople do not deserve these labels, they do not deserve their bad press. Wait, allow me to correct that. [...]

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Saleman vs Ally/Trusted Advisor

Bob, a 50+ salesperson at a Nissan dealership assured me several times within the span of our 2-hour negotiation for a Nissan Versa, that he’d get paid whether I bought a car or not. I guess  he wanted me to know that ‘commission’ was not his motivation for closing a sale. As often happens in [...]

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You’re FIRED!

If the salesperson I’ve hired is not generating sales, not meeting quota, not living up to my projections the fault is mine. I didn’t do my homework and as a result hired someone unqualified for the job. I refused so see that my products or services were no longer competitive. I believed salepeople should either sink or [...]

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The Reason Why New Years Resolutions, Motivational Speeches, Self-Help Blogs & Books Rarely Work

How often have you left an auditorium after listening to a charismatic motivational speaker feeling pumped, inspired and ready to turn your life around? How often have you read a powerful marketing idea on a blog or vowed to adopt one of the seven habits of highly effective people? How often have you made a New Years resolution and [...]

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