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The Oldest, Most Lucrative Profession

Of all the professions: law, medicine, accounting, military, politics, engineering, teaching, entertainment or professional sports ... there is arguably none more rewarding financially, emotionally, intellectually, mentally and yes, even physically than the profession of selling. Selling is the oldest profession on earth and for good reason.                    [...]

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Hiring & Retaining the Best Salespeople

It's not an easy job being a BOSS. You are a business owner, CEO, president, director or a senior manager. You employ and lead several or several hundred employees. You arrive at work early and leave late. You are responsible for the safety of your employees; their working conditions, their salaries which by extension impact [...]

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The Best and the Worst ways to SELL

'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ...' In 1859 when Charles Dickens wrote these twelve immortal words to open his classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities, he could just as easily have been referring to SELLING. Why? Because selling can be best or the worst depending on how [...]

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Selling Strategies & Wealth for BOSSES

Chris Clarke, in her book True Family Wealth, had this to say about the creation of wealth. 'Manipulating to get what you want is not the same as inviting what you want. The first is control and take. The second is to invite and let go. To maximize your chance of attracting your desired outcome, [...]

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Re-branding the Profession of Selling

Nelson Mandela, the epitome of respect, admiration and gratitude.   Selling is our planet's oldest profession, and its most enigmatic. On one hand salespeople keep companies' doors open, lights on and they generate the revenue that creates more jobs and pays employees' salaries ... including the boss's salary. And yet, salespeople are still the most [...]

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Selling Strategies for BOSSES©

teaches evolved selling principles and disciplines to Business Owners, CEOs, Presidents, Directors and Senior Managers so that selling happens better, faster, easier and more profitably within their companies. Selling Strategies for BOSSES take a historic step forward by re-introducing selling as a mutually beneficial customer service. Selling that benefits both buyer and seller. Most North American companies [...]

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Tangent Smart-Quote for Halifax Chamber of Commerce Members

Tangent Quote Smart Constructing business proposals, quotations, or responding to RFP's can take hours, sometimes even days and weeks. Companies commit valuable, non-retrievable time, resources, and intellect providing this costly pro bono service. Often however, they discover the contracts for which they have honestly competed, are preferentially awarded to the buyers' friends, family, political insiders, [...]

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Selling Education Produces Sophisticated Selling Principles & Professionals

Tangent Strategies and Skakum School of Selling have merged to introduce a new selling paradigm called Selling Education. Quietly but steadfastly, our companies have developed a sophisticated curriculum that teaches a selling style and intention long overdue in North American markets. Selling Education changes the motives of North America's traditionally selfish selling model, to a [...]

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Selling … Like a Medical Practice, Carries Great Responsibility

  A stock photo of a patient consulting doctor. Selling becomes incrementally easier and yields greater success each time you remind yourself that: Selling carries with it great responsibilities. Your employer depends on you, in large part, to keep the lights on, the doors open and to pay staff salaries, including her/his own. [...]

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Sales Growth with Dignity

  Dignity, sophistication, respect and admiration are hardly words one would associate with selling and yet every day of every week more salespeople are earning these accolades by applying Tangent's 21st century selling principles and disciplines. TIME PRODUCTIVITY: knowing that time is a finite, a non-renewable resource to be spent with those prepared to buy [...]

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