Sail into a Brave New World of Selling

Halifax businesses continue to evolve. When Halifax was founded in 1749, sailing was truly the conveyance of commerce. It moved products, people and the concept of 'selling' to this brave new world. Since those times selling attitudes, online or off, have undergone little in the way of progress. The words SALES TRAINING themselves immediately indicate [...]

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The Best and the Worst ways to SELL

'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ...' In 1859 when Charles Dickens wrote these twelve immortal words to open his classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities, he could just as easily have been referring to SELLING. Why? Because selling can be best or the worst depending on how [...]

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Sales Growth with Dignity

  Dignity, sophistication, respect and admiration are hardly words one would associate with selling and yet every day of every week more salespeople are earning these accolades by applying Tangent's 21st century selling principles and disciplines. TIME PRODUCTIVITY: knowing that time is a finite, a non-renewable resource to be spent with those prepared to buy [...]

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