tree_of_lifeDignity, sophistication, respect and admiration are hardly words one would associate with selling and yet every day of every week more salespeople are earning these accolades by applying Tangent’s 21st century selling principles and disciplines.

  • TIME PRODUCTIVITY: knowing that time is a finite, a non-renewable resource to be spent with those prepared to buy
  • DIAGNOSTICS: helping prospects disclose candid truths about their preparedness to buy
  • OBJECTIVITY: leveraging these truths to advise buyers and guide them to buy-decisions that are always in the buyers’ best interests
  • SELF WORTH: knowing that the most objective, principled, effective and successful salespeople are salaried professionals not commissioned bounty hunters
  • PARTNERSHIPS: salespeople working shoulder to shoulder with their employers to keep doors open, lights on, internal staff employed and bankable revenues on a steady increase.