Find, Hire & Keep Talented Salespeople (Part 2)

Business executives often tell me how hard it is to find and keep good salespeople. Could it be that what we believe constitutes 'good' salespeople may be at the heart of the problem? One would think with all the sales trainers in the marketplace showing eager men and women how to cold-call, overcome objections, never [...]

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Modernize the Vocabulary and Sell More

Canada has more to sell than iron ore, copper and oil, and more buyers to sell its goods and services to than buyers in the United States and China. However ... ... until we shed our 1960's concepts of 'selling', which are ostensibly desperate and selfish, we are doomed to retain our mediocre G8 ranking. [...]

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Does Your Company Practice Selfish Selling ?

Selling Strategist & Keynote Speaker Peter Skakum exposes the cause and effect of a North American phenomenon known as Selfish Selling and its harm to our economy.   Historic roots/the oldest profession Biblical roots Perpetuation today Selfish selling, the epidemic Damage it has done to the reputation of selling and salespeople Damage it is doing [...]

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armed forces ... police force ... g-force ... sales _______? Professional selling requires no force at all.  A new image for selling and salespeople.

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Today you will encounter ….

today you will encounter ... ... salespeople whose business cards describe them as Business Development Managers ... Business Planning Directors ... Account Managers. You will meet owners of modestly sized companies and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, each of whom employ salespeople to do a critical job they would prefer not to do themselves. So [...]

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Telephone Civility … Do you practice it or ignore it?

Do you return all your telephone calls promptly? If you do, you are among a growing number of evolved C-suite executives, middle managers and salespeople, who return all their calls promptly, courteously and in many cases, personally. What these businesspeople will tell you is that no one is too important or too busy to be [...]

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Cooperation Always Trumps Recession

Economies, companies and the people within them, prosper when buyers and sellers cooperate. They falter when they don't. Buyers, how do you respond to communication from salespeople? Are you pleasant and open-minded or surly, or do you prefer to avoid them entirely? Sellers, do you approach buyers in ways they appreciate or do you suddenly appear like [...]

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Selling Habits that Limit Selling Success

Selling liabilities threaten the prosperity of established Fortune 500 companies as certainly as they do sole-proprietor start-ups. One, or more, or all of these generations-old, business-killing selling habits is usually to blame. Which habits describe your company?   Your salespeople are still paid a bounty (commission.) Your salespeople are expected to perform other company duties [...]

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Prospect Equity … Are you leveraging it or ignoring it?

The valuation of a company rarely, if ever, takes into account 'prospect equity'. Prospect equity is the value of top-of-mind awareness and relationship depth companies have cultivated with their prospects. The equity earned from a prospect introduction that does not generate an immediate sale is all too often discarded by most companies. Instead of leveraging [...]

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Sales Training or Selling Education?

Your intention is to increase your company's market share. To that end you've decided your salespeople should become more adept at selling. You Google sales trainers. STOP; ask yourself these questions: 1. Do you want your salespeople trained or educated? ('Training', associated with repetitive actions as in dog-training and potty-training, may not be the your best [...]

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