3148397005_8389be28e1_bSelling Strategist & Keynote Speaker Peter Skakum

exposes the cause and effect of a North American phenomenon known as Selfish Selling and its harm to our economy.


  • Historic roots/the oldest profession
  • Biblical roots
  • Perpetuation today
  • Selfish selling, the epidemic
  • Damage it has done to the reputation of selling and salespeople
  • Damage it is doing to our North American economy
  • Who sells selfishly and why
  • Its motivations and catalysts
  • Eradication of selfish selling
  • Introduction to The Brave New World of Selling Evolution
  • Powerful competitive edge of evolved selling
  • How it empowers salespeople and their employers
  • How it turns avoidance and rejection of salespeople into welcoming respect and admiration
  • How the profession of evolved selling is the catalyst for increased sales and a booming economy

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