hiringTangent Strategies is a selling ‘educator’ who leaves nothing to chance.

Tangent Strategies not only teaches corporate executives and their salespeople to sell, it guides the actual hiring of salespeople. It objectively assesses candidate behaviors and motives and carefully evaluates the qualities required to perform successfully in a selling environment.

Tangent Strategies’ founder Peter Skakum says, “I continually see employers filling their sales jobs with people who don’t “fit” only to have the salesperson resign or be dismissed within 24 months or sooner. At risk in these situations are the employer’s time, money, staff morale, productivity, client confidence and the company’s reputation … liabilities that, if avoided early, can save a company literally tens of thousands of dollars.”

It is never easy to know if people applying for sales jobs actually qualify. Experience and credentials do not guarantee that an individual will “fit” the job, the corporate environment, or the culture within which the company and its industry exist. Past success seldom transfers automatically from one work environment to another.

Long before valuable time is invested in conducting job interviews, Tangent’s talented ‘Hiring for Fit’ professionals guide employers to know how each sales candidate will approach his/her work; how he/she will interact with co-workers, managers and customers … and how well employers themselves understand that selling is no longer about ‘convincing’.