Sales Training or Selling Education?

Your intention is to increase your company's market share. To that end you've decided your salespeople should become more adept at selling. You Google sales trainers. STOP; ask yourself these questions: 1. Do you want your salespeople trained or educated? ('Training', associated with repetitive actions as in dog-training and potty-training, may not be the your best [...]

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Before You Quit Your Selling Job … CALL ME !!!

Having just signed a one year contract with a new client before the holidays I was anxious to begin working with them. My job would be to restructure their selling strategy (for inside and outside sales) to reach a $4million sales target by January 2016. I called the owner to set up our first education [...]

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The Promise and Predictions for 2015

The arrival of a new year carries with it so much promise. I believe 2015 will prove a pivotal year for so many of your companies, for Halifax, for Canada, for our planet and for the profession of selling. Here are my predictions for 2015. First I see an implosion of ISIS. They will not [...]

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Selling Clichés We Blindly Accept

'Selling is about building relationships.' This vacuous, five-word cliché floats nicely off the tongue at most sales training seminars, networking events and cocktail parties. The harsh reality is that North America's selling model does little to ingratiate seller to buyer. It incites salesperson avoidance. While avoiding salespeople may seem as logical as locking our doors [...]

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Are you perpetuating ‘Traditional’ selling?

I am looking down at a book cover sticker marking down the price of the book from $24.95 to $6.99. Does the retailer actually believe the book will sell faster at $6.99 than it would at $7.00? The other day a sales manager employed by an international security company casually spoke of one of their [...]

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As I read a chapter of Gregg Braden's New York Times best-seller DEEP TRUTH each morning I can't help but reflect on Ray Ivany's dire warnings for Nova Scotia. Braden contends that issues such as war, terrorism, disease, genocide, poverty, economic collapse, climate change and nuclear threats ... are actually related. He further asserts that [...]

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Anti-Spam Law Resuscitates Canadian Marketing

The Government of Canada may have, unwittingly, revolutionized Canadian marketing by bringing into law its so-called anti-spam legislation. As of July 1, 2014 the new law authorizes the CRTC to fine any Canadian or Canadian company a maximum of ten million dollars. The law targets anyone who sends an email to another Canadian if said [...]

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True north strong & free

The Canadian Anti-Spam legislation, effective July 1, 2014, promotes and encourages more creative business communication. It champions differentiation and imagination. As companies scramble to fortify their e-mail lists with verifiable permission to protect themselves from litigation, legal fees, incomprehensible penalties and being branded spammers, a point is being missed. Superior, more cordial, uncensored ways to [...]

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What if we LOVED & RESPECTED salespeople?

THERE IS A MUCH BETTER WAY TO SELL ... a way salespeople, their prospects and their customers can finally enjoy. Canada’s selling standard has, for decades, mimicked the ME-FOCUSED style of selling, basically ‘selfish selling’. Is it any wonder North Americans dislike, avoid, and reject salespeople. Tangent Strategies teaches ‘Selfless Selling’ ... a stress-free, highly economical [...]

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Get Everyone’s Cards on the Table SOONER than Later

The most paralyzing element of selling is INDECISION.   It holds buyers and sellers hostage. The buyer is not able or unwilling to say yes because he is uncomfortable saying 'no', or he is not certain 'no' is the right decision. The seller, wanting to hear 'yes', is unwilling to hear 'no'. Worse yet, salespeople [...]

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