Chris Clarke, in her book True Family Wealth, had this to say about the creation of wealth.

‘Manipulating to get what you want is not the same as inviting what you want. The first is control and take. The second is to invite and let go. To maximize your chance of attracting your desired outcome, set the goal, loosely develop a plan to get there, and then let it go.

To over-strategize actually causes a contraction of energy, a forced manipulation. This creates small-minded human boundaries and limitations. This is the true difference between control and mastery. Control is a dense, constraining force. Mastery is an open force that flows with ease.’

Selling is a creation of wealth. However, selling happens better, faster and easier when manipulation and control are eliminated and when the creation of wealth is for you and your customer.

Salespeople taught to take control push prospective customers away. Salespeople taught to introduce options and opportunities, guide and advise, for the good of their customers are welcomed in and earn the sale. The results are wealth for your customers, your company and your salespeople.