Of all the professions: law, medicine, accounting, military, politics, engineering, teaching, entertainment or professional sports … there is arguably none more rewarding financially, emotionally, intellectually, mentally and yes, even physically than the profession of selling.

Selling is the oldest profession on earth and for good reason.                                                                                       It satisfies.

Salespeople are the quintessential self made men and women. Salespeople create, deliver and leverage opportunity, globally. They are the primary business developers in every company and are depended upon to deliver profitable growth and sustainability.

The most successful salespeople are respected, admired and welcomed into virtually every home and office. The most successful salespeople sell without pressure or manipulation. Logic is their resource. They do not troll for pain or demand immediate buy-decisions. They guide and advise. They recognize and anticipate need and satisfy it. They are a patient, tolerant and congenial amalgam of psychology, anthropology and business savvy. And, they like people.

Of course selling has its bad apples. Every profession does. However even the bad apples earn their keep by teaching us all how not to sell. If you’ve met a bad apple or employed one you know what I mean.

Principled women and men who have learned to sell well are highly sought after. They can and do write their own ticket. So learn to sell well. Tangent Strategies has been teaching business owners, CEOs, Presidents, Directors and Senior Managers how to sell well and how to recruit, hire and retain the best selling talent.