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As I read a chapter of Gregg Braden's New York Times best-seller DEEP TRUTH each morning I can't help but reflect on Ray Ivany's dire warnings for Nova Scotia. Braden contends that issues such as war, terrorism, disease, genocide, poverty, economic collapse, climate change and nuclear threats ... are actually related. He further asserts that [...]

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Anti-Spam Law Resuscitates Canadian Marketing

The Government of Canada may have, unwittingly, revolutionized Canadian marketing by bringing into law its so-called anti-spam legislation. As of July 1, 2014 the new law authorizes the CRTC to fine any Canadian or Canadian company a maximum of ten million dollars. The law targets anyone who sends an email to another Canadian if said [...]

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True north strong & free

The Canadian Anti-Spam legislation, effective July 1, 2014, promotes and encourages more creative business communication. It champions differentiation and imagination. As companies scramble to fortify their e-mail lists with verifiable permission to protect themselves from litigation, legal fees, incomprehensible penalties and being branded spammers, a point is being missed. Superior, more cordial, uncensored ways to [...]

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What if we LOVED & RESPECTED salespeople?

THERE IS A MUCH BETTER WAY TO SELL ... a way salespeople, their prospects and their customers can finally enjoy. Canada’s selling standard has, for decades, mimicked the ME-FOCUSED style of selling, basically ‘selfish selling’. Is it any wonder North Americans dislike, avoid, and reject salespeople. Tangent Strategies teaches ‘Selfless Selling’ ... a stress-free, highly economical [...]

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Get Everyone’s Cards on the Table SOONER than Later

The most paralyzing element of selling is INDECISION.   It holds buyers and sellers hostage. The buyer is not able or unwilling to say yes because he is uncomfortable saying 'no', or he is not certain 'no' is the right decision. The seller, wanting to hear 'yes', is unwilling to hear 'no'. Worse yet, salespeople [...]

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  Profit Unleashed is an unprecedented business growth regimen that guides company owners and executives toward greater fiscal and physical prosperity while creating more employment and better health for Canadians. Vision + Action = Growth The regimen promises its clients higher productivity and profits by attracting a greater number and high quality clients into their [...]

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The Competitive Edge We Choose To Ignore


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You Are A Salesperson

You are NOT a persuader, intruder, manipulator. You are a salesperson. You are NOT ruled by commissions, quotas, self-service, greed. You are a salesperson. You are NOT a seller. You ARE a counsellor. You are a salesperson. You ARE an adviser, a facilitator, a business consultant, an ally. You are a salesperson. You ARE objective, unbiased, [...]

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North American sellers honour and welcome a person’s ‘need-to-buy’. However buyers treat, with disdain, those who demonstrate ‘need-to-sell’. Is it any wonder we reject salespeople so readily? Their is a more 'principled' way to sell. Salespeople who need-to-sell (that is, most salespeople) make us feel uncomfortable, frustrated, impatient and even angry, often triggering our fight [...]

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Never Fail

‘There is no such thing as failure. There are only different results.’   Mike Lipkin, CEO of Environics/Lipkin, Canada's leading research and motivation company. Mike Lipkin is right. How often have you thought, “I lost that sale, I've failed.” The truth is most so-called lost sales could not have been closed by any reputable seller, or should [...]

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