teaches evolved selling principles and disciplines to Business Owners, CEOs, Presidents, Directors and Senior Managers so that selling happens better, faster, easier and more profitably within their companies. Selling Strategies for BOSSES take a historic step forward by re-introducing selling as a mutually beneficial customer service.

Selling that benefits both buyer and seller.

Most North American companies are increasingly frustrated with buyers avoiding their salespeople at every turn. As a result, these companies find themselves reaching out to repeatedly unresponsive buyers, causing sell cycles and per sale costs to balloon, while per sale profits to plummet. Time-starved buyers, for their part, admit they avoid most salespeople, citing less time or patience for traditionally trained, and often commissioned salespeople intent on imposing themselves and their agendas, desperate for a sale. They see today’s salespeople as bounty hunters and time wasters. Tangent Strategies addresses this monumental problem with Selling Strategies for BOSSES, a selling evolution.

Selling Strategies for BOSSES offers a choice of 3 levels of selling education.                              

COLLEGE ONE: is a Private, full-day Seminar that introduces employers to the foundational principles of the BOSSES program … a proving ground that delivers a healthier more profitable approach to selling. The competitive edge.

COLLEGE TWO: is the development and delivery of a custom, 12-month Selling Strategy … design exclusively for your company, its industry and its target markets … the backbone of the BOSSES evolved selling program and a step by step manual that delivers improved selling results.

COLLEGE THREE: is Corporate Sales Emersion … a coming out from behind the dated veil of traditional, old-school selling, inclusive of: 12-month/emergent strategy, supported by 52 weeks of indispensable GPS guidance, briefings/debriefings, analysis, growth trajectories, progress measurement and HR management, custom administered for your company.


Selling Strategies for BOSSES transforms costly ‘traditional’ selling into highly profitable ‘evolved’ selling. SELLING THAT IS MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL TO BUYER AND SELLER. Transformation begins by first recognizing the liabilities of traditional selling (the style of selling buyers dislike and avoid). You’re the BOSS. If you are not aware of the dangers of traditional selling, neither will your salespeople. Let’s examine the liabilities together.


Negative Stereotypes Associated with Traditional Selling

Traditional selling, sometimes referred to as ‘bounty-hunter selling’, has operated with impunity in our society, our culture, for generations. We have been socialized to tolerate bad behaviour on the part of salespeople: pushy, self-indulgent, manipulative, intrusive, selfish, greedy, desperate, disingenuous, disreputable, unsavoury. The negative stereotypes of the ‘salesman’ and of selling are legendary and they affect your salespeople as they do every other salesperson on the planet. Consequently it has become our habit, in North America especially, to ignore, avoid, reject and even fear salespeople. We no longer have the time nor the patience for bounty hunters or the companies who employ them. The ceaseless intrusion of traditional salespeople and the impulsive avoidance (defense) reactions of buyers squanders non-retrievable business time causing our North American economies to lose tens of billions of dollars annually in nonproductive time alone … rendering our companies less competitive and less profitable.


Good News for Your Company and Our Economy

Selling Strategies for BOSSES arms employers of salespeople with prudent, time-saving, principled selling concepts and disciplines that, for the first time ever, turns selling into one of the most welcomed, respected and trusted customer services in business today. IMAGINE … Your company’s selling efforts welcomed by buyers as a ‘customer service’. That’s good news for your company your customers and our economy. Here’s a new thought …. Could the welcomed and valuable service of evolved selling (The service of introducing relevant business options and opportunities to potential buyers wishing to know this information) even become a new revenue stream?


Each of the Selling Strategies for BOSSES colleges addresses in detail the costly selling habits that increase per sale costs and reduce per sale profits. The BOSSES program believes that unless we recognize the old-school selling habits, methods, tactics that frustrate today’s buyers, we are not likely to change our ways. The BOSSES program reminds us that, given a choice, buyers avoid old-school salespeople.  

Traditional or ‘old-school’ selling habits, methods and tactics have become costly selling clichés and liabilities to every company using them. If your company uses these tactics, don’t feel bad. We have all been conditioned to believe that selling badly is OK, even necessary. FOR EXAMPLE … In traditional selling if prospective buyers are not responding to a salesperson’s telephone calls or emails, salespeople have been taught to barge right into a buyer’s place of business and ambush him right there in his office.Everyone does it. It’s called COLD-CALLING.

Here are more ‘selling badly’ tactics we have all been taught and most still use:

  • Salespeople making intrusive cold-calls … walking into places of business unexpected and uninvited … or phoning prospects cold, without warning.
  • Salespeople expected to possess the gift of gab.
  • The epitome of selling prowess is still the aggressive salesperson who can sell ice cubes to the Eskimos.
  • Talented salespeople have a thick skin, minimal conscience and never take ‘no’ for an answer.
  • The best salespeople are quota-driven, possess the hunter instinct and are ruled by a ‘closer’ mentality.
  • Salespeople are a species that can only be motivated by dangling carrots. Therefore the only way to get  salespeople to perform is to commission them. Nothing says selling better than a hungry, desperate bounty hunter.
  • Salespeople are taught to suffer and accept avoidance and rejection … two integral realities of selling.
  • Selling is a transient job. Salespeople are often dismissed or resign.
  • Selling is known as a ‘vocation of last resort’ and good salespeople are hard to find.
  • Employers like to set daunting goals for their salespeople. They know a desperate salesperson sells harder.
  • Salespeople command little respect in the field and are often maligned.
  • Selling is a stressful job with burnout and high failure percentiles.
  • Selling is the only vocation for which signs and ordinances of rejection are posted on company doors (NO SOLICITING) and gate-keepers are necessary to keep salespeople at bay.
  • Salespeople enter the profession with virtually no formal selling education.
  • Most sales training is still based on, and steeped in, the traditional selling clichés you have just read.


BOSSES introduces selling principles buyers welcome, respect & admire. Selling interactions buyers benefit from.                     

Selling Strategies for BOSSES lifts selling up out of its primordial ooze to become one of our society’s most respected, profitable and prodigious professions and customer services. IMAGINE … selling warmly welcomed as a CUSTOMER SERVICE.

The women and men, who become your salespeople represent you, your company and your company’s brand. You depend on them to locate markets in need of your products. You count on them to identify buyers in need of your services. You trust them to distinguish ready-buyers from those just looking. Selling Strategies for BOSSES introduces selling proficiencies buyers appreciate instead of fear and avoid. When buyers are appreciative … selling happens better, faster and easier. And that is good for buyers and sellers.

Selling Strategies for BOSSES introduces selling principles and disciplines that not only increase sales but benefit buyers. BOSSES’ evolved selling methods help buyers become more informed, more effective, successful buying professionals.

  • Cold-calls, ‘in-person’ and by-phone, are replaced with dignified introductions, scheduled meetings that earn warm welcome and buyer respect. The results … volumes of time saved … steady, predictable and more profitable sales increases year after year and buyers gain greater market insights with each meeting. The more product and service information buyers receive, the more informed their buying decisions are on behalf of the companies who employ them.                                                                                                _______________________________
  • Company leaders learn to recognize, prize, promote and encourage:                                                                                       – Concentration, interview, analytical and listening skills among their newly minted selling professionals.             – Qualification skills that objectively and impartially match their products and services with immediate or                eventual buyer needs. The results … sellers invest the majority of their time with buyers who have                          immediate, qualified needs. Sales close faster. Buyers are happier.                                                                                – Advisory and guidance skills that move prospective buyers toward timely, informed buying decisions. _______________________________
  • Motivation: Commissions are replaced with respectable salaries … living wages that attract dignified, intelligent, confident, talented and loyal selling professionals, whose responsibility is to annually increase their employer’s market share. Annual bonuses reward sellers for retaining customers.                                                        – SALARY remunerations instead of commissions teach employers how to hire salespeople with greater care. Only the most talented candidates with the greatest promise of long-term company loyalty are considered. ________________________________
  • Buyer/Prospect EQUITY: As valuable as closed sales. EQUITY is a company’s retained potential (a form of bankable goodwill).                                                                                                                                                                         – Equity is generated and retained through tenure. The longer a salesperson remains with his/her employer the greater the volumes of customer and prospect equity they are able to amass. However, only company leaders who have learned the HR selection principles and disciplines taught by Tangent Strategies are likely to hire and RETAIN the best selling talent.                                                                  ________________________________
  • The BOSSES program teaches the setting of evolved, realistic and attainable sales targets that allow talented salespeople to maintain objectivity and impartiality while helping buyers to make the most informed and timely buying decisions on behalf of their companies. Buyers helped by salespeople to make the best buying decisions remain loyal to those salespeople month after month and year after year.


Explore Selling Strategies for BOSSES without obligation and judge for yourself.

  • Tangent Strategies’ methods of selling apply the same selling principles and disciplines it teaches, which guarantees you will NEVER feel pushed, coerced, or obligated. What a refreshing change!!!!                                                                                         ________________________________
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