Tangent Quote Smart

Constructing business proposals, quotations, or responding to RFP’s can take hours, sometimes even days and weeks. Companies commit valuable, non-retrievable time, resources, and intellect providing this costly pro bono service. Often however, they discover the contracts for which they have honestly competed, are preferentially awarded to the buyers’ friends, family, political insiders, pre-chosen suppliers or to no one at all. Their quotations ignored. Collectively these all too frequent occurrences deplete companies and economies.

Tangent Strategies Inc., as part of its North American Selling Education programs and Grow Halifax, offers a solution to this unfortunate and taxing problem. Tangent Quote Smart, our unique service, is now available, exclusively at no cost, to Halifax Chamber of Commerce members. Simply call Tangent Strategies today at 902-446-3995 to schedule your Quote Smart meeting.