Tangent Strategies and Skakum School of Selling have merged to introduce a new selling paradigm called Selling Education. Quietly but steadfastly, our companies have developed a sophisticated curriculum that teaches a selling style and intention long overdue in North American markets.

Selling Education changes the motives of North America’s traditionally selfish selling model, to a superior model that finally allows salespeople to be objective, impartial business advisors and partners.¬†Selling Education teaches salespeople and their employers how to sell better, faster, easier without being held hostage by sales commissions and sales quotas. Selling Education also teaches employers how to find, hire and keep the best salespeople for the good of their companies and their customers.

Today’s salespeople are the most avoided business people in North America. We avoid salespeople due in large part to their training as bounty hunters. Avoiding salespeople is bad for any economy. Selling Education transforms selling from the necessary evil we avoid into a profession that is respected, admired and welcomed. Welcomed salespeople sell more.

Learn how your company and customers can benefit from Selling Education by scheduling a free consultation with North America’s Tangent Strategies/Skakum School of Selling.